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 How to Make Money With Google+!! Get A Massive Head Start!!

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PostSubject: How to Make Money With Google+!! Get A Massive Head Start!!   Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:17 pm

So there's almost no chance that you haven't heard of Google+... but is it too early to start marketing on plus?

IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY!... Here's why you should start marketing on G+ TODAY:

There's already a lot of Google plus users (over 10 million last time I checked)... most of the audience tends to be more tech savvy at this stage so building a up a tech related following of some kind would be ideal.

People are also EXTREMELY click happy at the moment on G+... because it's new and shiny every man and his dog seems to want to check out any links that you might put up.

What's more is because this network is in beta and so new - there's hardly any restrictions on it. Wanna add 1,000 people in one day with no PVA? Go for it!

So, where do I start?

It's really easy as piss.

1 - Get yourself a Google + invite. These are floating all over the web... find someone on a forum, facebook or somewhere else that'll send you a G+ invite.

2 - Create an account making the "First" and "Last" name something that people in your niche would want to follow. If you were in gaming niche you might choose something like "Gaming News".

3 - Add a picture related to your niche (duh).

4 - Start finding Google + profiles related to your niche... and ADD all of the people that have that page in their circles... this means you're following extremely targeted people that are very likely to "follow you" in return.

For example, in the gaming niche you might follow people that follow:

This minecraft profile: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
This playstation profile: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Etc... you can also follow followers of people that work for niche related companies. So you could add the followers of the CEO of IGN or something

5 - Wait for people to start following you back. In my experience it's not that hard to achieve around 20% of your followers following you back.

6 - Promote your stuff via status update!

And if G+ releases a 'fan page' equivalent down the track than guess who's going to have one hell of a head start funnelling likers to that page?

I've also noticed that G+ makes it extremely easily to re-share statuses so if you're promoting something interesting enough you've got huge potential to send it viral too
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How to Make Money With Google+!! Get A Massive Head Start!!
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